Premium, globally inspired products

Whether you’re a chef or foodservice operator looking for authentic, labor-saving sauces and pastas, or a food manufacturer in search of quality ingredients, Armanino has a growing line of premium, globally-inspired products to meet your needs.

Basil Pesto

We’re proud to be the company that took classic Basil Pesto mainstream nearly 50 years ago. Today you’ll find our pesto on the menu all across the country. Whether you’re a fine-dining restaurant, a pizzeria, a QSR concept, a casual chain or a noncommercial company, our line of Basil Pestos can help you meet any need and let you deliver what today’s consumers are looking for. Use them as pasta sauces, flavor accents, finishing sauces, and bases for signature spreads.

Global Pestos & Sauces

You might think of pesto as the classic bright Genovese sauce made with fresh basil, but you can make a pesto from just about any flavorful fresh herb or vegetable by gently crushing them and mixing them with oil and other ingredients in the traditional way—a process that brings out and showcases their big, bright flavors.

We’re constantly experimenting with fresh takes on this traditional process to create our expanding collection of globally inspired pestos and sauces. Use them on pasta, on pizza, as spreads, dips and condiments, and as flavor bases, condiments and finishing garnishes all day, all across the menu.


Our gold-standard foodservice frozen pasta collection lets you offer chef-worthy creations that expand your menu with convenience and ease. Just heat and serve with any of our pestos and sauces or in your own signature presentations.