Alfredo Sauce

Our rich, decadent Alfredo sauce is a perennial foodservice favorite. Made with milk, cream, butter and a flavorful blend of Asiago and Parmesan cheeses, it offers outstanding flavor as well as heat stability. Plus, it comes ready to use, saving you on labor while offering authentic chef-crafted flavor.

Sauce with fettuccine or any kind of fresh or dried pasta, or try these signature ideas:

  • Make a Lasagna Bianca with layers of Alfredo Sauce, Basil Pesto, fresh mozzarella, and spinach, asparagus or other vegetables
  • Add to our Bolognese Sauce and serve with pasta
  • Serve with Potato Gnocchi or crepes
  • Use as a pizza sauce for white-style pizzas with potatoes, clams, chicken, mushrooms or sausage
  • Use as a sauce for chicken, shrimp, or meaty fish, such as halibut
  • Drizzle over cooked vegetables and broil to make a gratin