Reliable, Safe, Responsible

Today, food safety, dependable quality and sustainability best-practices are more important than ever. We’ve always been committed to those guiding principles and we’re proud of our outstanding track record of safety and stewardship that goes back more than half a century.


Our facility is BRC grade AA Certified.

We adhere strictly to the guidelines of The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), which maintains a program to benchmark food safety standards for manufacturers as well as farm assurance standards.

Our pristine facility follows cleansing and sanitation best practices at every step of production and we maintain strictly controlled dedicated zones, equipment and utensils to prevent cross-contamination.

BRCGS Food Safety


Over the last five decades, we’ve built a reputation for quality and consistency the food industry and consumers can count on.

We are committed to applying Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure quality and food safety. These practices cover many facets of manufacturing, including training, equipment maintenance, pest control and handling of material.


Our roots are in farming, and that’s why we view sustainability not just as an obligation, but as an opportunity and a steadfast commitment.

Local Sourcing – We source as many materials as we can from local companies, minimizing the use of transportation resources. We expect our suppliers to adhere to the applicable environmental laws in the locations in which they operate.

Recycling – At our facility, we are focused on continually improving recycling efforts. We separate organic and compostable materials so that they can be used to make compost. We use drain traps to minimize the washing away of solid waste.

Packaging – Our plastic tubs are made from recyclable and reusable LDPE and HDPE plastics.We use corrugated cartons as secondary packaging, which are recyclable and also contain some post-consumer recycled content.

Clean Air – All of our forklifts and pallet jacks run on electric power instead of propane.

Energy – We participate in a program with our local energy provider, Pacific Gas & Electric, to reduce energy use on the hottest days of the year. Our regular production is scheduled so that we are typically not operating during peak energy demand times. In 2012, we completed a retrofitting of our freezers and coolers, which significantly reduced energy usage on an ongoing basis.

Employee Safety – We strive for an injury-free workplace through a safety program and incentives. Employees are trained to conduct their activities in a safe and responsible manner.

Giving Back – We also encourage employees to give back to the local community by regularly supporting organizations in need in our area.

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