Southwest Chipotle Pesto

We blend smoky chipotle chiles with jalapenos, dried tomatoes, garlic, cilantro, spices and oil to create a smooth, spicy puree that takes the labor and guesswork out of serving the Latin-inspired foods today’s guests love.

Our Southwest Chipotle Pesto makes an ideal topping for tacos, burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas and other Mexican and Southwestern foods.

  • Use as a finishing sauce for grilled foods, from steak to chicken, seafood or vegetables
  • Toss with chicken wings and serve with ranch dressing
  • Blend with mayo, Greek-style yogurt, sour cream or other ingredients to make spreads and condiments for sandwiches and burgers
  • Add to vinaigrettes and other dressings to add bold flavor and fresh visual appeal
  • Toss with hot or cold pasta, grains and veggies to make on-trend salads and bowls
  • Add to sautés, braises, chilis, soups and stews to save labor and add bold, bright flavor
  • Use as a pizza sauce or finishing condiment for contemporary Latin-inspired pizzas and flatbreads
  • Thin with a little olive oil and use as a finishing sauce for drizzling on soups, grilled foods, salads, bowls, sandwiches, flatbreads and more

Southwest Chipotle Pesto Inspiration

Grilled Chicken Wrap with Southwest Chipotle Pesto

Spread Southwest Chipotle Pesto on your favorite tortilla and fill with grilled chicken, jasmine rice, grilled peppers and onions, avocado, and fresh lettuce. That’s a wrap.

BBQ Chicken Salad with Southwest Chipotle Pesto Vinaigrette

A crisp green salad with BBQ chicken, yellow hominy, black beans, fresh tomato, queso fresco, and freshly fried flour tortilla chips. Dress with a Southwest Chipotle Pesto vinaigrette. (Mix 20% Southwest Chipotle Pesto to a mild white balsamic vinaigrette).

Add Southwest Chipotle Pesto to Ranch, Blue Cheese or a vinaigrette dressing for a little spice.

Pork Carnitas Torta

Layer carnitas, grilled poblano peppers, onions, jack cheese on a torta bun spread with Southwest Chipotle Pesto.

Breakfast Skillet with Chorizo

Cook chorizo and set aside. Scramble eggs, and when done, add black beans and cooked chorizo. Finish with chopped green onions, Creamy Southwest Chipotle Sauce, and a slice of cornbread.

Chile Relleno Torta with Southwest Chipotle Pesto

Smother both sides of a toasted torta roll with a 50/50 blend of Southwest Chipotle Pesto and mayo. Add a chile relleno (baked or fried), sliced avocado, and fresh shredded cabbage for this delicious sandwich.

Flavored mayos and aiolis are a breeze to make with Armanino sauces.

Blackened Chicken with Roasted Tomatillos

Enjoy this blackened chicken with roasted tomatillos in a creamy southwest chipotle sauce.

Reduce heavy cream in a saute pan until slightly thickened. Add Armanino’s Southwest Chipotle sauce & gently warm through. When ready use as a center of the plate sauce.