Basil Pesto with Nuts

Armanino introduced pesto to the American foodservice industry decades ago, and the recipe remains exactly the same today. Our Basil Pesto with Pine Nuts brings together green basil, aged Parmesan, garlic and pine nuts for a versatile sauce you’ll love using as an ingredient.

Serve with any shape of pasta for a simple, flavorful pasta al pesto. Or use it as a launching point for your own sauce, dressing, and dish ideas.

  • Develop a pesto cream sauce by whisking in heavy cream
  • Combine this pesto with mayonnaise, thick yogurt, or sour cream for sandwich spreads, crostini toppers, or dips for French fries
  • Incorporate pesto into a salad dressing (like a vinaigrette) for a fresh twist that tastes and looks vibrant
  • Jump-start a creative bowl and/or salad menu using pesto as a sauce with veggies and grains
  • Use as a substitution for mincing garlic and herbs in braises, stews and sautés
  • Spread over pizzas or use as a finishing sauce over Mediterranean flatbreads
  • Combine with olive oil to create a signature finishing drizzle over grilled foods, bowls, salads, flatbreads, sandwiches, and soups