Romesco Sauce

The secret weapon in Romesco Sauce? Almonds. The crunch and nuttiness of almonds plays off the sweetness of roasted red bell peppers and tart tomatoes for a flavor combination that’s the ideal partner for a number of dishes.

Wagyu Beef Slider Trio

A Trio of Sliders – Wagyu beef on crisped toast with white cheddar cheese and: Harissa Sauce & burnt Shishito peppers; Creamy Garlic Sauce & caramelized onions; Romesco Sauce & grilled Shiitake mushrooms.

Grilled Veggie Sandwich

Combine roasted mixed mushrooms and sauteed kale together on the grill and top with gouda cheese. Add hot mixture to country-style bread and finish with Romesco Sauce. Add to the panini press until golden brown.

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