Creamy Garlic Sauce

Nothing punches up flavor quite like roasted garlic. Give this sauce a spin anywhere you need bold flavor and creamy texture.

Pork Belly Bao Bun MashUp

Steam Bao Bun and add crispy pork belly, julienned carrots and greens. Drizzle with soy glaze & your choice of sauce – Creamy Garlic, Cilantro Pesto or Harissa Sauce.

Wagyu Beef Slider Trio

A Trio of Sliders – Wagyu beef on crisped toast with white cheddar cheese and: Harissa Sauce & burnt Shishito peppers; Creamy Garlic Sauce & caramelized onions; Romesco Sauce & grilled Shiitake mushrooms.

Blistered Padron Peppers

Sauté Padron peppers with a small amount of oil until blistered. Sprinkle with sea salt and serve with Creamy Garlic Sauce.

Grits with Jumbo Shrimp

Prepare your favorite grits recipe and add cooked jumbo shrimp. Finish with white cheddar cheese, pancetta sliced green onions and Creamy Garlic Sauce.

White Pizza

Top pizza with mozzarella cheese and sliced tomatoes. After baking, finish with a drizzle of Creamy Garlic Sauce and fresh basil.

Fusilli Pasta with Artichokes & Kalamata Olives

Cook fusilli pasta al dente. Toss with roasted tomatoes, kalamata olives and feta. Finish with Creamy Garlic Sauce and fresh basil.

Roasted Hasselback Potatoes

Finish roasted hasselback potatoes with our Creamy Garlic Sauce.

Garlic Fries

Armanino Creamy Garlic Sauce is a perfect match for garlic fries.

Brie Burger

Prepare a grilled an Angus beef patty. Layer on a brioche bun, caramelized onions, mâche, melted brie, mayo and Creamy Garlic Sauce.

Creamy Garlic Sirloin Tip Skewers

Skewer sauteed sirloin tips with roasted bell pepper. Finish with balsamic glaze, Creamy Garlic Sauce and greens.

Crispy Brussel Sprouts

Flash fry or roast brussel sprouts and served with parmesan and Creamy Garlic Sauce.

Fire Roasted Globe Artichokes

Trim large globe artichokes and boiled until tender. Cut in half and roast in a wood-burning oven until lightly charred. Finish with a drizzled of Creamy Garlic Sauce.

Grilled Romaine Salad with Shrimp

Place lightly grill romaine lettuce on a plate and dress with a vinegarette. Topped with sauteed baby heirloom tomatoes, grilled shrimp, croutons, Parmesan and finished with a drizzle of Creamy Garlic Sauce.

Loaded Tater Tots

Crispy Tater Tots, melted jack cheese, crispy bacon, green onion, drizzled with Creamy Garlic Sauce.

Grilled Shrimp & Baby Spinach Salad

On a bed of baby spinach, add grilled shrimp, crispy bacon, sliced red onions, jammy eggs, croutons. Combine EVOO, Sherry wine vinegar, and Armanino Creamy Garlic Sauce for a delicious dressing.

Chicken Karaage Sliders

Add 2 pieces of chicken karaage on slider buns. Finish with kimchee, mayo, and Armanino Creamy Garlic Sauce.

Pastrami Sub Sandwich

Build this delicious sandwich with, pastrami, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, peperoncini, red onion, mayo, Dijon mustard & Armanino Creamy Garlic Sauce.

Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Slather mayo and Armanino Creamy Garlic Sauce on a pretzel bun. Add crispy fried chicken breast, creamy coleslaw and crunchy pickled red onions.

Crispy Creamy Mac n Cheese

Top your favorite Mac n Cheese recipe with buttered panko crumbs and bake until crispy. Top with bacon, green onions and Creamy Garlic Sauce.

Addictive Garlic Rolls

Easy and addictive garlic rolls for your starter menu. Melt butter and add Armanino Creamy Garlic Sauce and fresh chopped parsley. Pour over soft warm rolls and serve.

Grilled Asparagus Salad with Creamy Garlic Sauce

Toss together sauteed trimmed asparagus, crispy bacon pieces, fried leeks and toasted hazelnuts. Finish with salt, EVOO, balsamic glaze and a generous dollop of Creamy Garlic Suace.

Roasted Turkey Focaccia Sandwich

Spread Dijon mustard and mayo on focaccia bread. Build the sandwich with baby kale, parmesan shavings, roasted tomatoes, and roasted turkey breast with creamy garlic sauce.

Lemon Rigatoni with Creamy Garlic Sauce

Lemon Garlic Sauce is quick & easy. Melt together one part butter (or EVOO) with one part Creamy Garlic Sauce. Toss with cooked, ‘al dente’ rigatoni, a squeeze of lemon and a few tbsp of the pasta cooking water. Finish with grilled lemon slices, crispy fried bacon bits & freshly grated parmesan.

The fine blend of fresh and roasted garlic in our Creamy Garlic Sauce makes it quick and easy to create delicious sauces.

Crispy Chicken Thighs with Creamy Garlic Sauce

To make the sauce mix together 8 oz Armanino Creamy Garlic Sauce, 8 oz EVOO, 2 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tsp lemon zest, 1/4 cup crumbled feta cheese, and 2 tbsp minced Italian parsley. Served with crispy chicken thighs and freekah pilaf.

Bacon & Eggs with Garlic Fries

Mix Creamy Garlic Sauce with oil, toss with freshly fried french fries and minced fresh parsley. Served here with the traditional bacon & eggs.

Fritto Misto with Creamy Garlic Aioli

Need a great appetizer dip? Just mix any of our sauces 50/50 with mayo for a quick & delicious aioli dip.

More Inspiration

Build your dishes with Armanino’s selection of fine global sauces. Get started with some of our favorite ideas here, organized by product and recipe category.