Quality and flavor to compliment every menu

Quality and flavor to compliment every menu

Over a century ago, we started as immigrants from Liguria, Italy, the birthplace of pesto. In the Bay Area, we set up a mom-and-pop grocery that became the roots of a thriving business — one that would help globalize the American palate.

Our many sauces and pastas can put your dishes on the fast track to flavor. From our gold-standard pestos to romesco, chimichurri, harissa and more, Armanino sauces can provide the zip you’ve been missing.

Our decades of experience as a food manufacturing company have taught us a lot about how to work with other food production companies. We understand your needs because they’re our needs, too.

Armanino is a BRC-approved Category 10 Grade AA facility, with an outstanding record for safety and quality assurance. In other words, we care deeply about our product, the people who make it, and you.

Peruse our recipes, tips, and tricks for putting Armanino foods to work for your business.