Grilled Corn & Cactus Salad

In the middle of summer, I’m not thinking of beaches or surfing, but corn on-the-cob! I love corn any time of year but when it’s farm-fresh and sweet off the cob, it’s really the best. As a kid, my family would buy giant bushel bags from a local farmer and I remember shucking corn in the backyard, the silk flying off in the breeze. We would eat it almost every day and also pack more in the freezer to use later in the year.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy corn is Mexican-style elotes or esquites. The wonderful sweetness of corn mixed with salty cotija cheese and creamy mayo, plus a little bit of heat is so satisfying. This was my inspiration for Grilled Corn & Cactus Salad. Since Summer is grilling season, I threw the corn on the grill along with onions and cactus paddles, or nopales. I think the texture contrast makes this salad more interesting and the cactus takes on a nice smoky flavor. Mixing mayonnaise with the well-balanced flavor of Armanino Chimichurri Sauce, full of cilantro, parsley, lime and jalapeno, makes an easy salad dressing. If you like it spicier, feel free to add some chili powder or chopped fresh jalapeno peppers.

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