Breakfast All Day, Everyday


I am entirely a breakfast fanatic. To me, breakfast is like this universal magical meal that can be enjoyed for lunch (thankfully there is something called “Brunch”) or even for dinner. Eggs are a staple in my breakfast dishes for their good source of protein and healthy fats. And I can never say “no” to a nice runny sunny-side-up egg.

Since breakfast foods can be typically made fairly quickly and in bulk, dishes like Shakshuka are perfect to be shared in large groups. As Shakshuka originates from the Mediterranean, Middle East and parts of Africa, the tomato-based stew commonly contains spices, garlic, peppers and eggs. There are many variations including some with scrambled eggs, hummus, or harissa. On today’s breakfast menu, we included Armanino’s Tomato and Garlic Pesto to our Shakshuka. The Tomato and Garlic Pesto adds more savory depth to the dish thanks to the rich dried tomatoes and flavorful Parmesan cheese. We then topped it off with feta cheese, cracked some eggs into the pan, and baked till perfection! The slightly runny egg with the savory tomato garlic flavor combined with the gooey feta cheese was so mouth-watering! We served it with toasted bread to our whole office, but we almost ran out of bread before we ran out of Shakshuka! So be sure to get enough bread for everyone as this dish will make you want to get seconds or thirds! The sauce base can be made ahead so you can easily bake the eggs to order Get creative and spice up your Shakshuka by substituting the pesto with Armanino Harissa Sauce and adding some chopped fresh mint and jalapeno peppers.”

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