Armanino Artichoke Dip Pizza

Spinach Artichoke “Dip” Pizza

Spinach Artichoke “Dip” Pizza

Go to any casual restaurant and you’re almost sure to find a version of artichoke dip on the menu. Whether it’s made with spinach or onions or mushrooms, homemade or from the freezer, it’s a fan favorite at home too. I’ll admit I could polish off quite a bit of the stuff, along with some great bread. So why not put it on top of a pizza?

Armanino Artichoke Pesto packs all the flavor and convenience in one container. Made with chopped artichokes, Romano cheese, garlic and a touch of basil, it’s basically a dip waiting to happen. You can feel free to play around with the quantities and the toppings, but a simple ratio of 2 parts Artichoke Pesto to 1 part softened cream cheese makes a great spread for the base of the pizza. I wish I had access to a blazing hot pizza oven in my test kitchen, but a par-baked crust in a standard oven will work just as well. Topped with chopped spinach and a little tomato, this vegetarian Spinach Artichoke “Dip” Pizza satisfies that niche for “white pizzas” with simple clean flavors.

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