Armanino is and always has been a family driven company. We strive to support our employee families and our community families. Giving back to those in need is integral to who we are.

Letter from a mother and daughter in need:

“My daughter Joycelyn has maintained academic excellence in her freshman year (Dean’s List fall and spring semesters with a 3.7 GPA) and in her sophomore year (Dean’s List fall semester with a 3.6). Also, to add to her accomplishments she was Miss Mary Wilson Hall 2017-2018 and Miss Sophomore 2018-2019.

I am writing you because Joycelyn has informed me that TSU will be going through their usual student purging due to unpaid financial balances and that she will not be able to receive any additional financial assistance from the school, as she has received in the past. She receives financial aid (subsidized and unsubsidized loans and the Pell grant) and Parent Plus loan. She has received scholarships both her freshman year (TJX Scholarship) and sophomore year (TSU Atlanta Alumni Chapter). There is an anticipated balance of $3000 that will be due when she returns to school. Joycelyn stated that the school was experiencing financial hardship and that they would not be assisting students with balances.

Joycelyn loves TSU and wants to remain there until graduation. She is a valuable asset to the school.  I am asking for your assistance in trying to locate resources to be able to pay off the balance she will have.”

Subsequent to receiving this letter, we found out that Joycelyn had received a $2000 grant. Armanino donated the balance.