Flavor Starts Here

Consumers want it all. Big, mouthwatering flavors from around the country and around the world. Artisan craftsmanship. Fresh, wholesome ingredients. Plant-based, options. And that’s just what we help foodservice operators and food manufacturers deliver.

The Armanino family started farming in Northern California nearly a hundred years ago. And for almost half a century, we’ve been a premium pesto company, crafting our traditional Genovese basil pesto according to a cherished family recipe. But basil was just the beginning. Today, we’re America’s leading supplier of all kinds of creative global pestos, sauces and spreads.

Our products are chock-full of fresh herbs and bright flavors. They bring the bounty of the farm and the garden to menus and food products all across North America. And if you’re a foodservice operator or food manufacturer, they can bring you labor-saving convenience, consistency, safety and the kind of house-made quality you can be proud of.

Looking to add a splash of freshness to your food offerings? Welcome to Armanino. And welcome to a whole new world of pestobilities.

From Farm to Flavor

The Armanino Story

How a treasured recipe, a family farm and a vision of innovation helped change the way America eats.

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The Operations Whisperer

Ask anyone in our company what Georgianne Stephen does, and they’ll smile and say something like, “She makes everything happen.”

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The Armanino Promise

For foodservice operators and food manufacturers worldwide looking to add fresh, trend-forward menu items and products, Armanino Foods is the leading provider of frozen pestos, sauces and spreads that deliver consistent house-made quality and the big, global flavors people crave.